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The Marriage Course offers married couples time to reflect on and enrich their relationship. It is presented on DVD by Nicky and Sila Lee who are co-authors of ‘The Marriage Book’. They have been married for over 30 years. The evenings are designed for any married couple wishing to build a strong and lasting relationship. The evening consists of a dinner for two along with video clips, a short teaching presentation and then time for private discussion.

Each couple’s privacy is respected as there is no group discussion and no requirement to disclose anything about their relationship to anyone else. The course, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background.

Topics covered include:

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • The Art of Communication
  • Resolving Conflict
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • The Impact of Family - Past and Present
  • Good Sex
  • Love in Action

The suggested donation for the course is £50.00 per couple.

Image result for Course feedbackAfter my husband and I did the course, we have come to understand that communication plays an important role in married life. The course taught us that some conflicts are the way to get to know each other better and respect our differences. Now we are more confident in dealing with conflict by using the useful communication skills we learn from the course. As far as we are concerned, staying positive and having more confidence in our marriage are key ingredients to our happy married life. We thank God for this wonderful gift!

In addition, the course has made me realise that the relationship with my husband should be put before the one with my children. It is like you have to provide a little tree with a good environment to make it grow better. Similarly, children can only have a happy family life through their parents' good/healthy relationship.

Steve and Elizabeth

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The next course will run from Friday 4th October

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You can watch the video below to get a taste of a typical 'Marriage Course Evening'.