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Reordering of the Sanctuary of the

Cathedral Church of St Mary of the Assumption



Bishop Hugh has initiated the processes of reordering St Mary’s Cathedral Sanctuary to enhance the general appearance and provide a new focus on the sanctuary cross above the altar, the tabernacle and the cathedra (the bishop’s chair). 

The project consists of two stages, the first of which, the creation and suspension of a new hanging icon cross above the altar, has now been completed.


Phase 2

Sanctuary schematic 2.jpg



The location of the tabernacle will move from its present location at the side aisle to the centre of the sanctuary against the back wall, where the bishop’s chair is presently situated. It is proposed that a new tabernacle be created.


The location of bishop’s chair would be moved to the left of the sanctuary, at the intersection of the two archways, where the present credence table is located. A new, more decorative, cathedra would be crafted for the purpose.


This will be moved to the right-hand side of the sanctuary, so as not to block the view of the bishop. It is proposed that a more dignified ambo or lectern be created to highlight the importance of the Word of God.


The aumbry is where the sacred oils are reserved. At present the oils are kept in the sacristy.

An aumbry will be crafted (the image below is only an example) and placed where the tabernacle is presently located. In this way the sacred oils will be rendered visible to all.




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