The Alpha Experience

What is Alpha?

Alpha is not a course, it is an experience.  Each Alpha experience brings together people from every walk of life.  We begin each Alpha by sharing a meal.  Alpha is sometimes in the church but can be found in many other venues in the community.  No matter where Alpha takes place, the format is the same. We eat together, we listen to a talk, and then we gather together in small groups for discussion.   

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone and anyone. The beauty of Alpha is that there are no questions that are too hostile, too silly or too simple. Alpha has no prerequisites whatsoever. We come together with one another as we are, free to be ourselves. Join us for our Alpha experiences!

Friday Afternoon Alpha at St Mary's Cathedral

Our Alpha will have eleven sessions. We meet on Friday afternoons beginning just after 4 pm and ending before 5 pm. If you would like to take part on your own or with a friend just complete the online registration form.

Friday Afternoons

From 10th March

4pm to 5pm

Clergy House

(No. 20)


Alpha Registration Form


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