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Altar Association
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The Altar Association

A new group for young girls from the age of twelve who would like to help decorate and care for the altars and Lady Chapel.

If you would like to find out more about the association or to join the group please contact Chigozie Olivia on (07456) 426 102.

This association is made up mainly of young girls who are monitored by the Catholic Women’s Organisation (usually about 3 women representatives working hand in hand with the association members). They act as intermediaries between the Altar Association and the Cathedral administration to ensure that all the cloths needed for the altar are readily available. They also help in the running of the association.

Our basic duties include:

  • Routine Cleaning of the Altars and Lady Chapel: Mainly weekly but at times daily when required. This involves sweeping, mopping, dusting etc. Occasionally we will also clean the Sacristy if the altar servers or sacristans are unavailable.

  • Routine washing and ironing of altar cloths: Usually on a weekly basis though of course this will depend on the condition of the cloths.

  • Routine dressing and decoration of altars and Lady Chapel which, in the case of the Lady Chapel, may sometimes include the provision and arrangement of flowers: Again, mainly weekly depending on the directions given in the Ordo regarding which feast day it is etc. Sometimes a daily change may be required.

Other duties include:

  • Decoration of the Church when required.

  • Full participation in Church activities.

  • Attending workshops, seminars and training to increase our knowledge of decoration. To this end the association maintains contact with Religious Sisters and Nuns who are available to advise on altar decoration.

  • Attending meetings to discuss any issues arising from our ministry and to keep members of the association informed.


  • to have a passion to serve God and the Church.

  • to be conscientious

  • to have a willingness to learn

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