Children's Liturgy

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Children's Liturgy

The Liturgy of the Word is celebrated with the children during Mass, in a separate location. The children are called out by the celebrant after the Introductory Rites and led by the Liturgists to the church hall until they are called back for the Offertory Procession..

The Liturgy of the day is adapted to suit the age and needs of each group, to make it relevant to their lives and experiences. The Gospel message is presented in a lively manner especially through 'Godly Play' which we have monthly.

The children have the opportunity to meet with their friends and to engage in activities based on scripture.

The children should be of primary school age in order to take part effectively and in a meaningful manner.

Presentation of Sunday liturgy at children’s level aged 5 to 11.
Cathedral 11.15am Mass on Sunday.

Contact: Ruth Paterson

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