Children's Sacramental Classes


Sacramental Classes for Children at non-Catholic Schools


If you are a parishioner of St Mary's Cathedral and your child is aged 7-12+ years and does not attend one of the local Catholic schools then he/she is eligible to join the Sacramental Preparation Classes run in the parish.

If you live in one of the other City parishes your child will be very welcome to attend our classes but in this case you must receive written permission from your own parish priest for your child to attend these classes.

If you are not sure which parish you belong to just click on the following link for a map which shows the City parish boundaries.

These classes take place once a week and attendance is essential both for clarity and continuity if the children wish to celebrate the sacraments.

Sacraments should be received in the following order: Reconciliation, Holy Communion and then Confirmation.

Please click on the sacramental class you wish your child to join.